Saturday, 17 February 2018

Vuvalini Close Combat fighter

The second of the Wasteland Warriors is finished off and is again equipped for melee fighting. Bringing my finished Vuvalini members upto 5.  I have the two remaining characters from the Wasteland Warriors pack to finish off. I have had some packages arrive this week some of which are for this warband some for others. I also have converted another figure for this warband but more on that once she is painted and ready to go.

I shall need some more figures with ranged weapons I think. Most only have small arms such as pistols. I will have to have a good browse around for figures to convert.

The gangs so far. Just about to be varnished by hand.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Hasslefree Lewis

I loved this model ever since I first clapped eyes on it. I picked it up as soon as I could but got distracted after pondering what colour scheme to use on him. The character is from Hasslefree Miniatures Lewis HFA159 and is loosely based on Van Zan from Reign of Fire.

 I've always love the pose and armament of this figure having seen him on the Hasslefriesian sculpting facebook page . The axe looks bad ass and I have wanted to use it for my Post Apocalyptic games in Across the Dead Earth. I think his dress when painted differently can look very much like a biker so whilst doing the others and in the mood I have been doing little bits.  I mainly intend on using him to give some much needed close combat muscle to my biker gang.  I loosely based him on the studio paint scheme. Opting out of the USA patch on his jacket but copying the tattoo as best I could from the one the Hasslefree website painted by Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting who does a fair bit of Crooked Dice studio paintjobs.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Vuvalini close combat fighters.

Been beavering away at this and that this week. After stripping, filing off moldlines and then rebasing I decided to take a brief break from the Copplestone bikers with the intention of coming back to them in a few week after finishing off some other figures.

I posted earlier in the year about my wanting to make a Vuvalini (Many Mothers) themed gang/warband. I have finished the a couple more recruits. These don't bare any resemblance to the movie characters. I intend on adding extras in that are perhaps past on or maybe new recruits after Furiosa takes over the citadel.

I am hopefully getting some long awaited Wreck Age figures of which a number have been reserved for this project. Though there are a few more on the website I hope to pick up also. Talking of Wreck Age version 2 has recently been released and I hope to take a further look into it as they have expanded the miniature ranges since last I looked and from the game play videos have streamline the rules some what.

They are both Crooked Dice miniatures the first one which is now OOP. However she has been resculpted to and has appeard again amongst the Wasteland Warriors this time equipped with an M16 and sporting goggles (she has been started also). This version is equipped with a katana and a staff. The armour is rather nice its sort of cobbled together mesh/leather armour. It was quite nice to paint. I am going to have to contemplate how to differ the next ones armour somehow. Perhaps painting it in the bone colour instead.

 The second is from the Wasteland Warriors set (link above) I picked this one first as it inspired the Keeper of the Seeds armour plated and the scheme would be similar to hers. I opted for a black coloured hair as its something I can never quite get right either looking to grey or very flat. I tried mixing in some blue and highlighting the strands I think its turned out ok. But perhaps more pracitce is required.  This is a pretty nicely detailed model holding the baseball bat casually over her shoulder she has lots of nice pouches, bags, gas mask and water bottle.

The Four members so far Furiosa (Crooked Dice) and my converted Keeper of the Seeds.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Post Apocalyptic Ruins set

Its funny how things turn out. I had been gathering some bits to make another large ruin to give some more height to games as most my ruins are simple corner ruins or single floor. A friend of mine Gary Lynn who I've known a good while and whose love is to make terrain for of all sorts games happened to show me some Post Apocalyptic ruins via messenger that he had made and was about to list to sell. So after a little bit of thought (possible 1 or 2 seconds) I decided to purchase them.  Not just to save myself some time and effort, but because they were such an awesome set and would expand my table massively as well as giving me my tall ruins.

The full set including shipping was £90 but when you see the pics and detail you can see they are well worth it. I am going to have a think about some scatter terrain and have a chat with Gary.

Shipping was by courier and arrived very well packed. They are also really solid and sturdy as well lots of cool details every time you look at it. Well worth the money in my opinion!

Now in my possession i got some figs out for some pics.

Here's a little video I made just showing the set of 5 ruins.

If your after anything like this or just fancy a nose check out  Diary of Scratch Building Lunatic Is his facebook group where he shares his work and often sells items. If there is something your after drop Gary a PM and have a chat.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Moonraker Bikers

I'm glad January is over it wasn't necessarily the greatest start to the year. From more bouts of illness in the family and losing my other Labrador Brandon it was a pretty shit way to start 2018!

Anyway when you hit bottom the only way is up! The big multiplayer game of Across the Dead Earth a few weeks ago got me spurred up to clear some of my lead mountain. I had been meaning to get around to these bikers from Moonraker miniatures (Was EM4) they were really fun sculpts to paint simpler than the Savages as they have less trinkets.

My eventual plan is to have 12-14 figures to use as bikers or a trucker/convoy type gang. I am on the search for a big rig for them to drive about. I have some leads on where to find one I just need to get my arse in gear and go looking.

The gang so far. I still have the Reaper Biker with two pistols whom I stripped to a few years back to repaint (though this was from a storage box being dropped and a load of minis being damaged)

My Old Bikers painted waaaaay back in July 2011! These were my first figures I painted back when I restarted the hobby. They have been stripped and mold lines cleaned up (oops I didn't do that first time round!) Just need basing and then they are ready to be primed.

 I love this figure the coat and pose is particularly good. I modelled her paint scheme on my wife. Who also has wonderful blonde curly hair and has a similar outfit though her leather jacket doesn't have any tassles.

 Decided to have another try at different skin tones with this one. Its turned out better than I hoped. More playing with the highlights are needed next time.

 I love these helmeted Bikers my favourite from the Copplestone set is the one wearing a similar helmet. I had a play with tattoos just to break them up a bit from one another.

 Inspired by the Angry Flamethrower guy from the game of ATDE a few weeks back I enjoyed painting up this grizzled veteran who i've nicknamed Scorch. Bandana seemed a bit bland just green so add some white spots on it.

 Again another one of my faves from this set. I do wonder what the little comp is intended on representing. I am experimenting with greens still in preparation for painting my Crooked Army minis. I still have found the green I like enough yet. A friend has recommended a GW Paint which may suit my needs so will pick that up and experiment.

Another nice mini I love the big heavy chain he carries but I also like the sort of western type revolver he carries in his holster and the knife tucked away in his left boot. Nice little details that stand out but aren't to fiddly to paint. I envisage this one like Scorch as more of a veteran carrying the extra weapons so went for a more older look with greying hair.